January 24

I have nothing good to say. I feel so inadequate right now, so small. When I think of the universe, I see a new perspective of how little I matter. 

I’m not even a dot…less than a blip on any radar. And my little, petty problems are nothing in the scheme of things. I could be gone tomorrow and the next day, no one would remember me. 

That is how little I feel to be. 

But even so, I believe that my life can have an impact on others. Hopefully for good. 

Casting Crowns has a song called ‘Nobody’, and I have to say it is just how I feel. I’ve always said that I don’t want to be remembered, but if anything, I do hope that perhaps the LORD has used me to shine HIS light for someone.

Today has been such a beautiful day; I hope HIS mercy and grace has touched you all.

4 thoughts on “January 24

  1. I am sure there are some I’ve met who perhaps wish they could forget me.
    Thank you; likewise you will not be forgotten. I agree, we are each put here for a reason and a season…we all leave our legacy…which begs the question: how will I be remembered? Now that is a sobering thought. Thank you for that. Lol. Perhaps that will be a topic for another time.


  2. I think every person in this world falls into three categories: leaves, who give shade and beauty but don’t stick around very long. Branches, who are there longer and can take some support so you don’t have to shoulder everything, but could break when there is too much pressure put on them. Roots keep you grounded and nourish you. We might serve different purposes in different peoples lives, but we all leave some impact in the world posthumously.


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