Deaf and Blind

I was reading in Isaiah and was struck with how plain the words were…

And yet, I worry that I am that which was foretold.

Who is deaf? One who cannot hear…

But if the ears are never opened, how can one hear HIM? It is impossible. You see, in another place, it is written that with GOD, all things are possible, but if HE is not in it, nothing is to be done.

Therefore, any who cannot hear and comprehend HIS word is deaf.

Which then lends to the question “who is blind?” The answer, of course, is those who have not had their eyes opened by the LORD.

They can see with their natural eyes, but cannot see the glory and goodness of GOD.

They cannot see HIS wonders and miracles.

They are blind to salvation.

Take, for example, the rich man who JESUS spoke about. The man opened his eyes in Hell and for the first time saw the truth. He wanted to warn his brethren but was told they would not believe him just as he did not believe the warnings.

If our eyes are closed, there is nothing we can do to open them ourselves.

The giver of all good, the LORD, GOD ALMIGHTY, gives both the ear to hear and the eye to see.

HE causes the blind to see and the deaf to hear. HIS children know HIS voice and see HIS glory.

Prophets warn of the coming destruction, yet only those chosen can harken to the word and signs and obey HIS command. Isaiah said there are those who are deaf to the warnings and blind to the signs…

What scares me is that the devil knows the Bible and knows good from evil; how do I know that I am not a follower of Lucifer put here to try to turn the LORD’s elect away?

What if I am blind and deaf and all I see and hear is my own vain imagination?

I know I am wicked; I don’t take comfort in that. But I hope my eyes and ears are open.

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