Less is More…

Do you ever get obsessed with a thought or idea?

What started out as a passing glimpse becomes a full on panorama. 

The thought grows. We feed it. What wasn’t an issue two minutes ago is now about to blow up…

All because we feed the idea. 

Minimalism is a way of life for many people. And it is spreading to others. 

No longer obligated to acquire more, the goal is to simplify. 

So we toss the unnecessary. 

We discard all the clutter. 

Clean lines. Bright, open spaces. 

The concept is simple…simplify so you can enjoy more. 

This isn’t just for the external…

Clean out the clutter in your mind. 

Stop obsessing over everything; just go with it. 

Enjoy the ride; it doesn’t last forever. 

That little nagging thought that wasn’t significant until you made it that way, will go back to being nothing again.

Sometimes the problem isn’t a problem until we make it a problem.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and determine what it is that really matters…

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