Faith and Confidence

We all know the story of Daniel in the lions’ den. How his enemies conspired against him to put him there. How his GOD shut up the mouths of the lions and protected him. How even the king at that time was concerned with Daniel’s survival…

Oh to have that faith, especially when the trials of life were as then. 

Daniel lived during the destruction of Israel and Judah that Ezekiel foretold. He lived during the Lamentations when desolation reigned, famine consumed, and fires raged. 

Daniel and three of his brothers found favor in the eyes of the king. But they were also blessed to understand what was happening around them. 

They were blessed to see the whole picture. To know that while they could do as they were told by the rulers of the times, would offer temporary protection, following what they were commanded to do by GOD would offer more benefits for both body and soul…a permanent salvation. 

How many times are we apt to go for the temporary over the long lasting?

Often we follow our knee-jerk reaction; what if we reprogram ourselves to think long term instead of temporary. 

Currently I am struggling with the temporary discomfort and hoping it’ll be worth it in the long run. 

Sometimes I think discontent follows me, but what if I search for it?

If I could only be blessed to have an ounce of the faith Daniel had…maybe I could face these lions with confidence.

2 thoughts on “Faith and Confidence

  1. It’s not easy to follow the path the Lord sets out for us. To take the first steps towards what HE wants for us. I find myself holding myself back. But I have found when I do what I believe HE wants me to, in the end it’s the easiest thing in the world. It’s just those first few steps…..


  2. Since writing that post, I have found the answer I sought for that particular question. I asked GOD to open a door for me if that was what I needed, but HE shut the lion’s mouth, sort to speak, and I feel like I’m exactly where I need to be.
    Now, I still have the threat on every side, but my hope is trusting in HIM. I think that’s all we can do.


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