Do you ever just get in a mood where you’re irritated or disgusted with someone so you don’t open their messages? Even group chats that they’re in? Even when you need to respond to someone else in the chat?

And every time someone else messages and their name pops up you get that feeling anew? 


Sometimes, like right now, I just want to remove myself from so many groups. 

I want to silence the notifications and turn off the messages…

I didn’t need distractions today. 

My mind is racing…

2 thoughts on “Questions

  1. I will be completely honest and say yes I not only feel that way sometimes but I do it. We all have those people that like to keep stuff going or that are constantly complaining about things/situations they put themselves in but refuse to see their fault, or those that are just too happy for a Monday. You aren’t alone, I get it.


    1. At what point do you just drop out of everything? I feel like that’s what I need to do…just stop being present and see who notices.


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