Vanity and Vexation

I sometimes wonder about what life will be like after I’m gone.

It’s vain to think some thoughts I have, but I have them…so…?

Like I’ve wanted to tell some people who’ve gone on what has happened since they’ve left. But I can’t.

And I want to know certain things that might happen when I’m gone…

I want to know if I’ll be replaced, for one thing.

I’d like to know if I’m missed, but that doesn’t really bother me too much.

But did I leave anything behind for loved ones? Or did I leave a mess?

And I definitely don’t want to leave a mess!

And will everyone finally get along or does the fighting have to continue?

Will my favorite pieces of furniture be tossed away, scattered to the winds, or will someone come to treasure them as I have?

Did I leave a good impression, or are you happy I’m gone?

And did you sing a song for me? My favorite one? The one you’re not fond of?

None of this really matters.

I can convince my head, but my heart is another story.

To quote Solomon, “all is vanity and vexation of spirit.” And on the surface, there’s a lot of meaning in his words, but going deeper, wow!, I lose track of how magnificent that revelation is. Everything under the sun causes vexation of the spirit.

Things that bring us joy are vain and things otherwise cause strife.

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