To quote Jo Dee Messina, “My give a damn’s busted.”

I think a lot of people feel that way. It shows in their job performance. 

I’ve recently read and even talked to some Gen Zers, and I understand their stance. They want to do something they are proud of, they enjoy and are appreciated for doing. 

Like I said, I think most of us feel that way. 

But, your job doesn’t define who you are. And if you think it does, then you have a warped sense of reality. 

If you’re a cashier at a five n dime store, you have the opportunity to impact a ton of people every day by your attitude. 

It might not be a glamorous job, but doing it with a smile can go a long way. 

Because how we’re treated at the checkout, affects how we leave the store. And if we’ve had some crappy service, we are probably livid and not paying attention to the things we should.

Road rage, anyone?

Whatever your job is, do it with passion. You have the chance to inspire everyone you come in contact with. Your job doesn’t make you, you make the job a reflection of yourself.

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