Distance and Peace

It’s odd how someone far away both physically and emotionally can impact your life. 

At one time or another, we all have certain people we lean on whether they are near or far. Sometimes the distance between you and them doesn’t matter; you make it work. You both put forth effort. 

Sometimes the person who geographically is farther away is closer in heart. 

But sometimes your person changes. 

Sometimes you drift away from people…

While at first there may be pain from the loss, or indifference, whatever, in time we find the blessing in the parting. 

Such nonsense is on the mind this morning. Perhaps because I had a perfectly lovely visit with someone from my past in the form of a dream. Things will never be as they were, but that is as it should be. It wasn’t healthy from the start. But I did enjoy the time once again. 

Over the past few years, I’ve distanced from a number of people…I’ve closed myself off from relationships. 

I rather enjoy not having the commitment to so many and not having time for me. I was tired of sacrificing my peace for the sake of being there for so many others. 

Find your peace within.

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