Cry In Silence

Fire in my eyes
Pressure building inside
Scratching as I blink
The salt coarse and thick

Like the air in the room
Heavy and silent as a tomb
Thick with regret and shame
Burning inhaling the flames

Thumb pressing on my throat
Constricting as it holds
The gasp trapped inside
The panic I try to fight

Sitting with perfect composure
Though feeling total exposure
Inward tears crash with violence
As I remain crying in silence

2 thoughts on “Cry In Silence

  1. This is so aptly appropriate for my feelings right now. Crying in silence. My question to you is what do you do to overcome these very overwhelming feelings?


    1. Honestly, I’m trying to pray through it…I can’t even put words to all the thoughts that are causing the inward tears. Definitely trying to maintain my composure but I feel like all my nerves and feelings are exposed…like I could collapse any moment.
      I can’t help you except to let you know you are not alone…we can both sit and cry in silence…


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