I started panicking this morning…

I was given a task that I do feel to be inadequate with accomplishing.

I wonder how many times we feel like David facing Goliath…Honestly, I wonder how he felt when he confronted the giant. Was he fearful, or confident…not of self, but of his belief that GOD was with him and that GOD would direct the blows…?

Currently, I’m reading a book to try to learn more about myself. There are several different types of groups that people fall in and each group, of course, has more sub-groups, more defined ways of characterizing personalities…

And this book that I’m half-way finished, has me in a state of pondering…I relate to almost all of the characteristics in one way or another. I think I am more of one type, but again, the type I lean towards can have multi-faceted presentations.

In case you haven’t noticed, I have an obsession with words. We all like to hear praise; we all get hurt by insults…some more so than others. And as I’m reading this book, I am remembering myself in different similar situations and how I felt each time. I am able to put myself in the book and see how I would respond in the scenarios that are depicted. It is rather enlightening.

So this morning, I was thankful for my multiple personalities (I do not use this term as a medical definition, but rather as a way of describing the many voices I have in my mind offering encouragement and criticism alike). While part of me was in a panic wondering how I could possibly accomplish what needs to be done, my logical side told me to break down what I had to do and see what steps I needed to take. It told me that this was a wonderful opportunity to explain things from a different perspective and that I needed to prepare notes and break down the process of what I do for a day-to-day to explain how or what needs to be done so I can do my job.

And since my logical side was being, you know: logical, my rational side told me to calm down and let GOD handle this. Yes, I have life coming at me from all sides, but again, my panicking doesn’t seem to last long right now. I should be in a constant state of worry, but that day I told GOD that I couldn’t do this anymore, HE took my worry from me.

GOD has me; I just have to continue to inhale and exhale. I give GOD all my gratitude and all the glory I can; as inadequate as it is, I take no credit for myself.

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