They say ignorance is bliss…and you know, when we ignore the outside world, sometimes we do find bliss. But I think it is better to be semi-aware of life “out there”.

Because I often equate ignorance with arrogance.

When all our focus is on ourselves, we tend to elevate ourselves and that leads to our downfall…

…and the higher we are literally and figuratively, the further and harder we fall. 

Solomon wrote “in much wisdom is much grief, and he who increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.” (Ecclesiastes 1:18)

Those who are arrogant and without fault are naïve and, sadly, without understanding. It is not the proud who inherit, but the meek. 

The proud may seem to have the upper hand, but many times, I’m afraid, their glory is carnal, worldly, while the meek will inherit a greater reward.

It is better to seek wisdom and understanding than to seek fame and fortune. If we already know everything, if we have everything, where, then, is our need of GOD?

We are born to die. Every breath we take puts us closer to the grave. During our short time here, we should be trying to beg for our eternity instead of filling our pockets with the temporary.

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