We all have our demons. Some people wear them on their sleeves, while others try to hide them.

My demons call out to me, anger me, yet comfort me, destroy me and consume me.

I am who I am because of and in spite of my demons. They make me better and worse.

Sometimes they push me to do more; they make me step outside of my comfort zone to prove a point. My demons demand of me…they work together to both tear me down and build me up. My insecure demons tell me how worthless I am while my overconfident ones make me determined.

They have different voices, different faces, yet they are the same. 

My demons recognize the same demons in others. Oh, do they struggle to get out!

I seem to have one demon in particular who is in charge. This one has the final say. It can move me or silence me at the drop of a hat…and it will drop the hat!

Often I feel that I am the only one who battles these demons.. Surely I must be the only one with wars raging between my ears.

Sometimes I would that I could silence the demons, but if I did that, I would cease to be me, and believe it or not, with all of my faults, I do love myself.

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