There is so much that troubles the mind today. I would not know where to start.

“Vanity…all is vanity and vexation of spirit…”

Solomon had a way with words. If only I could be one tenth as wise as he…

Every thought that we have, even those of comfort, unless they are from the most high LORD and MASTER, every one is in vain.

Everything vexes the spirit and brings about sorrow and strife.

Anything I could say of a cheery nature, would do your soul no good.

Every thought we have…isn’t that sobering…

We think and reason within ourselves, and to others, justifying or otherwise building a supporting argument for our situation, yet the details have no merit.

We are, in the flesh, unworthy; it is only through the grace and mercy of GOD that our souls might be spared. But that is at HIS discretion, not of our own accord.

That’s not to say we shouldn’t try and aspire to be one of HIS chosen, however, it is only if HE gives us the will and power to try.

Even Solomon in all his wisdom could not turn from the things of flesh to things holy. He did great works to the LORD, but his heart was not in his work.

I was reading the encouragement or chastisement that Job received and thought to myself that it all sounded good, but I was quickly admonished as that thinking is worldly. Job understood that he was guilty of all crimes and sins, as we all are, therefore deserving of punishment. He accepted his condition and made no excuses, confessing to every crime imaginable.

We must accept our lot in life, be thankful for it. But how can we do that if GOD doesn’t give us the heart and mind?

Oh that I could truly mean it when I think and say, “THY will be done.” I’m afraid that those thoughts and prayers are vain and only further condemn me.

2 thoughts on “Vexation

  1. There are many times my heart isn’t in my work but I know the work is for the Lord. Are you saying you feel that if that is the case the work is for not?


  2. I feel like this is a trick question…from the LORD’s perspective, I think everything we do is vain…
    But the work I’m speaking on in this post, is not our livelihood. I’m speaking more of when we try to encourage others or try to improve ourselves…if we prop ourselves up with things of the flesh, then it is vain and does not profit us, but if it comes from the LORD and is righteous, then there is good in it.
    My heart isn’t always in my work; my head is often in the clouds; I am not to judge you or anyone else. I am so full of vain imaginations, and self-righteous hypocrisy…everything we do should be as if done for the LORD, but we can only do as much as HE allows.


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