I think I’m headed towards a breakdown. 

My head is pounding 

My heart is racing 

I can’t catch my breath for trying to breathe. 


Thoughts in my mind pacing

Against the clock I’m racing

And it’s all crashing down it seems. 

But it’s not. 

Not really. 

In my mind I see clearly 

Things I imagine happening to me

But they’re not. 

Stop the shaking

Stop the thinking 

I’m not really sinking

I’m fine, I’m okay

Today is another day

And everything will work out best

If I give it to GOD and let HIM do the rest.

2 thoughts on “Breakdown

  1. That last line is the most powerful statement ever and it can be applied to EVERYTHING in our lives. But man oh man it’s so hard to do. Seem like you always post these types of messages when I need them most. I feel very much like going into a dark place and hiding and am fighting everyday with prayer and words do not go there.


    1. You have to fight the darkness. I have to fight the darkness. Sometimes I want it to consume me, to wrap me up and comfort me, but that comfort is poison, back-stabbing delusion.
      To give in to the darkness is to turn your back on GOD and HIS light. That isn’t easy for me to admit…that I want to give in and give up, but then if I do that, look at what that means! I need HIS light and HIS comfort is real and GOOD. I want real. I’m tired of fake. Fake friends, back-stabbing; I don’t need that. And I need myself to be true—I need me to be on my side and to stop sabotaging myself.
      I am my on worst enemy. I’m working on being my best friend.


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