Peace and Joy

They say this is the most wonderful time of the year.

But is it really?

For many people it’s not, it’s the most stressful time of the year…

And I don’t understand what all the fuss is about.

Some people say it’s the joy of giving.

Or celebrating Christ’s birth.

Or it’s getting together with family and friends and sharing memories and laughing and eating.

But really what are we celebrating?

Have you ever looked to see where this holiday originated?

Do you really know what it is about? Because it seems to me it’s in a really weird time of the year, when the year is old and almost done and we’re going to celebrate all things new, the birth of Christ and new life?

That doesn’t make sense to me. Where in the Bible does it say that Christ was born on Christmas? Or even in winter for that point? It doesn’t. He was actually born around tax time which I’m not sure when that is…I mean we pay our taxes in April so was it then? But I don’t recall ever reading that it was snowing or in the middle of winter or anything about the shortest day of the year as the birth of Christ.

And I don’t understand where Santa Claus comes from. Or Saint Nicholas, or Kris Kringle… What is it about giving gifts that makes this holiday so special? I don’t get it.

This was my mom’s favorite holiday. And it has always been painful to me.

It’s the expectations that are associated with this day. It’s too much. There’s too much stress, too much heartache, too much, too much of everything to even try to enjoy this day.

Or this time of year.

So when you wish someone a “Merry Christmas” and if the person doesn’t respond the way you think they should, just realize that not everyone feels the same that you do.

Not everyone celebrates this day and it’s not always about religion.

Sometimes it’s a little more personal.

This is not my favorite holiday nor my favorite time of year.

The year is drawing to a close and I’d rather mourn the death of a year then try to celebrate something that I don’t quite think should be celebrated in this manner.

We celebrate the birth of the Savior every day. So, don’t dress up one day with rituals and incorporate toy sales and fictional characters into something you are trying to make about religion. Because if you truly want to celebrate Christ’s birth, you would spend the day fasting and in prayer.

The “most joyful time of the year” for some is the “most mournful time of the year” for others.

For some, this is a time to mourn everyone they’ve loved and lost…

Holidays aren’t the same when there’s one less place setting at the table…

Having said all that, I do hope comfort, joy and peace find you during this time and throughout the year.

Love to you all,


5 thoughts on “Peace and Joy

  1. Very insightful. Fun fact: Roman taxes and census were normally done in mid autumn since it was after the main harvest but not too cold for constutuents to travel. That also correlates with a verse that says the shepherds where outside at night with their flocks since in Israel that time of year is too cold and rainy to keep the sheep outside and for them to sleep outside. (I only know this because I did an essay on Roman culture and included Constantine and his influence on Christianity.)

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    1. All that makes sense to me…I could understand tax time after harvest. Thank you for sharing this information!! I’m very interested in learning more!!


  2. I understand your feelings about this time of year. I have mixed emotions about the holiday season beginning in October. Someone very special to me loved this time of year. She use to say that the devil thrived in the summer because it was so hot but Jesus came in on the cool breezes of fall and winter. The cool weather brought people together, especially family. To her, this was the best time to see God’s goodness, grace, and mercy in nature and in people. She wasn’t so good with words so she always hoped her food said it best. She would go all out so we could sit and thank the Lord for allowing Jesus to be born and give us all a chance at everlasting life. She knew it wasn’t his real birthday but that wasn’t the point for her. I am attempting to embody her way of thinking so I don’t feel so blue this time of year and to hopefully enrich someone’s life the way she did for me. I don’t know if my rambling is related but thanks for giving me a place to ramble.

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    1. Thank you, Elana, for sharing. I get so caught up in emotions this time of year that I can’t enjoy it. I’m always tense and walking on eggshells…it is a hard time for me all the way around. Thank you for sharing another perspective.


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