Current Events

I’ll admit that I choose not to stay current in politics. I cannot handle knowing all that is wrong with this world. I think that this is one instance where knowledge is crippling. There has always been corruption in government; it isn’t new. It is, though, now known instantly. And when people who have no clue, hear bits and pieces, they start arguing and inciting anger about things they know nothing. So I do not discuss politics. I’ll stick to the philosophical discussions. 

I was never allowed to stay abreast on current events. The news was on just to see the weather forecast and that was it. I understand the reason behind it. 

You see, how things are today, we know what is happening as it happens. We have live streaming of government proceedings. Our government officials have an almost celebrity status about them due to their followers on social media. They can Tweet out their thoughts and ideas in quick memorable snippets, gaining likes and comments and follows instantly.

And we are connected. All. The. Time. 

We have our notifications enabled so when someone we follow has a post, we are sure to see it right away. 

We no longer have to wait til the 5 o’clock news to know what happened. Newspapers and magazines are all but obsolete. Why keep a hard copy when we have a digital version on our phone…?

And that is part of the problem: there is no more editing of what is released to the public. Meaning that facts are changed or otherwise omitted for sensational news. If it doesn’t gain attention, then the story falls flat. There won’t be any ‘likes’ or ‘retweet’s’. No one will care and the commenter will lose his or her 15 minutes of fame.

News outlets were trusted sources. The individual couldn’t make up stories and post them as news. We believe so much of what we read online and take it for truth without really digging in to see what is real or not.

In the good old days, research was done before anything was published. Stories took time to write. And we didn’t know everything, especially not as it happened. Yes, much was swept under the rug. We were ignorant to many things that happened in government. 

And maybe that was better…I don’t know. 

This world is going to hell. All I can do is realize that I don’t have to be part of it; trust in the LORD to guide me and keep me and my family and friends safe and take us home when that time comes. We’re all going to die; we just have to live as best we can honoring GOD and HIS direction, we hope. 

And realize that if GOD is not in it, it is corrupt. Period.

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