They say the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

And I do believe, somehow, they got it right.

I’ve also heard something to the effect of “the devil you know…” as opposed to what is unknown.

And again, I think there is truth in that also.

So which is it?

Which is the correct school of thought?

I mean because seriously, sometimes the grass just looks greener, but we all know that looks can be deceiving. And sometimes there’s more shit in that grass to make it greener. Sometimes there’s more sunlight and water… but sometimes, it’s an illusion, tricking us to step into it.

But it could actually be greener.

There could be better soil on the other side. There could be better opportunities if we step on over and see what’s out there.

And that brings us to the devil we know…What if we are deceived?

Isn’t it better to stay put and not take a risk?

We may be miserable where we are, but what if we leave or change and instantly regret it?What if we trade our devil for something worse? I mean, we already are used to it; we’ve been doing this for how long…?…surely we can continue. We might could do better, but why chance making it worse?

I see both sides.

I’ve lived both sides.

I fully agree that the grass isn’t always greener over there and that sometimes the devil you know is better than the one you don’t. BUT, you have to weigh the pros and cons. Don’t just rely on the sayings to dictate your life.

You might take on a new devil, add your own hard work and fertilizer, and make the greenest grass ever. As I said, that’s some hard work and determination to conquer that devil.

And maybe that’s worth it.

Nothing worth anything will be handed to you. We take so much for granted…but it’s the things we dig in and fight for that are appreciated.

We might be perfectly content staying in place. If so, we shouldn’t expect more. We shouldn’t expect better.

You know me; I always have a back-up plan.

I left something I absolutely loved, to do something I’d never wanted to do, and I’ll admit it’s not easy and I face a new devil every day, but I have a peace I haven’t had in a while with this aspect of my life.

I’m glad I jumped the fence…no the grass isn’t greener—it’s the same—and the devil is different—no better, no worse—but I do believe it was the right thing to do.

I’m not saying jump at every opportunity. I’m saying take a step back and consider the possibilities.

2 thoughts on “Greener

  1. Very sage. It’s so easy for us to stay in a rut or a bad situations for fear of the future. My mom used to say “The grass isn’t always greener” as well, and I didn’t like that she did that. She explained to me later that I tend to focus on what’s wrong with where I am and what’s right with where I want to be. I had to learn to look at the entire lawns as a whole like you said before jumping the fence. I’m proud of you.


    1. Thank you.
      I think, overall, we can make our “grass greener” just by changing our perspective or our focus…if we think of our blessings instead of our shortcomings…but sometimes I think that taking a leap of faith isn’t always a bad idea…it might just be another blessing.
      By the same token, what we think we want, may not be fresh air we’d hoped for. “…Each step we take today, our trouble to us will give…” Everything we do will have repercussions in the future.


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