Don’t Listen

It works both ways. You can't sit there and feel sorry for yourself because no one ever calls or texts to check on you. You have to make an effort too. You have to give some love away to get any love back. 

And yeah, there are some people who will do anything for you...
but you don't appreciate them.
You think they're weak because of how they love.
But like I said earlier, you have to give love away to get any back.
Just make sure you give your love to the right people.
Some people are vampires; they'll take and take all your love away until you have nothing left to give.
And then they'll leave you.
So spread your love around. Don't give it to those who don't deserve it.
When I say love, I mean compassion.
I mean your friendship.
You can show you care about others without taking away from yourself. It actually adds to your worth to give of yourself.
Love freely. Be honest. Be true.
Don't be an today, gone tomorrow.
And don't throw away something good because it scares you.

And don't take my advice.
Don't listen to me.
I've been beaten and abused, battered and used.
And I haven't learned...
I still give too much of myself.
But I only give to those whom I deem worthy.
I miss the mark sometimes.
I get hurt, still.
So don't listen to me.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Listen

  1. The people who have been beaten and hurt are the very ones you should listen to and determine how it applies to you and if you can use it BUT YOU SHOULD ALWAYS LISTEN so please keep talking or writing.


  2. I think you have a great perspective. To become a master gardener, you will get a few cuts. You miss the mark sometimes, but the love you have given to some of us will always be remembered.


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