The stinging in my eyes
Tells me I’m not alright.
The pressure behind the lids,
I know how this ends.

I try to change my mind
Leave the sadness behind.
Thoughts go from this one to another
It’s too much on my shoulders.

Secrets I’ve sworn to keep
Are ripping me at the seams.
I just want to shout it out
Purge it out my mouth.

I just don’t know anymore
I don’t know what I do this for.
I’m so afraid; I don’t want to lose
But I know I don’t get to choose.

So much sadness and pain
It is so hard to contain
My feelings of desolation
Stay in silent contemplation.

We have different hells inside our minds
Weighing on us deep inside.
Just as the pressure starts to break
The tears stream down my face.

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