I had every intention of sitting on the beach today and finishing up at least one of my writing projects…

But I glanced away from my paper for a minute and saw the beauty in front of me.

I decided to get lost in the present moment instead of fretting over unfinished work.

Don’t get so caught up in work and stuff that you miss out on the little moments that mean so much.

Enjoy your life every day; it is the only one you have.

4 thoughts on “Moments

  1. I am TERRIBLE about not living in the moment. People tell me all the time, “Even God rested from creating. Even Jesus went to social functions and had fun.” I’m jealous of people who can enjoy just being in the moment because I can’t relax enough to do that.


    1. Those who know me, know I never relax either. It wasn’t easy to just sit there and be. My mind kept wanting to go from here to there and I kept trying to clear it. There are always a million and one things going on in my mind but I was determined to enjoy the moment of peace.
      Everyone has struggles and trials in this life but that’s not necessarily the point of life. When we are blessed with a moment to stop, we need to take advantage of it because we are not assured of another moment of rest.
      Everything in moderation…we shouldn’t live to work or live to play, but we should find a balance. I hope you can find a way to balance your work and play, Cherylle; we all need to learn that balance.


    1. Why? Please tell me where it says in the Bible that we should be uptight and stressed all the time. Because what I read, it says to (paraphrasing) cast all your cares on Him; be anxious for nothing; fear not, be not afraid…
      I’ve said it many times, our only obligation in life it to live according to God’s will and purpose, and to hopefully be an example for others. Why feel guilty about enjoying the blessings you have and relaxing for a moment? Work when it’s time to work, but when the day is done, take care of yourself and give God all your concerns. Relax in His embrace.


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