‘A friend is someone you share the path with’ -African Proverb

It doesn’t say how long we share the path. 

Sometimes we may want to walk with another for longer, but we don’t always get to pick the amount of time. 

I just want to let that sink in for a bit. 

We don’t get to pick the amount of time we spend with anyone. 

We do not have any say whatsoever in how long or short we walk with anyone. 

And we have multiple people that we share the path with as we are walking to our final destination. 

We don’t even get to pick who walks with us. 

This journey called life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, gorgeous days and stormy skies. 

Sometimes while we are walking along and enjoying companionship, our walking partner takes a detour. 

Sometimes our comrades leave us with questions and emptiness. Sometimes they fill us with so much joy and comfort, we smile at their memory. 

Some of those make it to their resting place before we do and before we want them to go. 

Some may stick around longer than we’d like or maybe they stay longer than we had planned. 

Regardless, it is not up for us to decide who stays and who goes how or when. 

We can bargain and plead, but GOD knows best and HIS will is always what is done. 

We might not like it, but GOD doesn’t care about how we feel about HIS decisions; HE cares about us and what is best for us. 

Rejoice in our friends and be thankful for any amount of time we are blessed to walk beside them. 

Only GOD knows when the time runs out and we must be parted.

5 thoughts on “Paths

  1. Man, this post really speaks volumes and not just about friends. I am trying to recover from the end of a relationship that I thought would be forever. I opened musk up to this person during a very traumatic time on my life. I was shocked to see this person do something that hurt me just to hurt another. I was acceptable collateral damage. I expected this person to walk with me foe years to come and it’s like your post says what we want and expect is not always what God has in store.


    1. Maybe that person served their purpose to you; maybe that person was supposed to be there during that time but no longer?
      The hard part is finding the blessing in the companionship cut short.
      Someone recently told me that we are all villains in someone else’s story; it is hard when you’re the villain to someone you wanted to walk with forever.
      Keep recovering; keep on moving forward.


  2. So who can you tell when a walk has come to its end? How do we know if it’s aged telling us that or our own bias!


    1. I really don’t know for sure, but I wonder if it has to do with how we feel about it. Are we sad that the end has come, or are we angry at the person? Not surface level. You have to look deep within and really examine how you feel. Look for the root. I think when it is God, deep down we know it and when it is self, we know that too, we just don’t want to admit it.
      Guilty of that, btw. If you can accept and still try to communicate, then that is God. If you hold on to the negative, I think that is self.


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