Life is temporary.

We do not have any guarantees or assurances in life. None. The joke is the only sure things are taxes and death. 

I can promise you that life is full of heartache. 

It is full of happiness. 

Life is a blend of all different types of people coming into your presence and having an impact in various ways. Everyone has a purpose. 


Life is a never ending adventure, full of ups and downs, twists and turns.

Some people stay longer than others. 

Some we want to keep around long after they’ve served their purpose and others seem to stay long after we tire of them. 

We don’t get to pick and choose the duration we spend with someone. 

We don’t get to pick and choose what they bring to our lives. 

We do, however, get to choose how we see them and how we learn from them. 

Like those ‘anchors’ I mentioned in an earlier post, we can detach from the ones who bring us down or keep us stuck, and we can hold on to the lessons we learn from the people who keep us grounded and encourage our growth. 

Life is constantly evolving; we are constantly evolving. We are truly affected by every action around us. 

I was talking with someone about choices the other day and she related her regrets…and I asked her to think about it this way: if she hadn’t done A, then there would be no B, and by extension, there would be no C. 

Furthermore, if A hadn’t happened, then when D happened, where would she have been? 

I think about my parents and what all had to happen for them to meet. And while theirs was not a good relationship, had they not hooked up, I would not be here and you would not be reading this. 

I think of all the people I count on daily and think how miraculous it is that they are alive, for one thing, and they were placed in my path just when they needed to be. 

The whole lifetime thing is truly amazing when you stop to consider just how fragile it is. How one little flutter could alter everything. 

One misplaced comma can alter the meaning…

One thought misconstrued can ruin a relationship. 

One glance behind can create a new life. 

And to think that everything that happens is orchestrated by a wise and merciful LORD. That HE crafted this life custom made for each of us. 

I am awestruck by HIS grace and power. 

In a world that is temporary; GOD is the permanence that makes all things possible.

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