Sometimes, all we need is a little “hovering” support. A gentle reminder we aren’t alone.

When I was starting out in the factory, I would often walk into my boss’s office and start with “just agree with me…” before stating my case. I knew I was right; I just needed the confirmation.

I didn’t need anything other than someone to be there…hovering, sort of speaking, behind me.

And sometimes, all we need is to know we have someone on our side. Not to do anything other than be on our side.

Alone is a scary place.

And while I live under the pretense that I don’t need anyone, I know who I do have in my corner.

I know who has my back.

I know who I can trust.

I know who is hovering behind me, offering silent support and who is there to catch me or help me when I fall.

I will also continue to “hover” behind some people just so they know I will always be there.

It isn’t an empty promise.

The people who truly know me, know that they can count on me no matter what. They know that I am there for them when they need me.

Sometimes, people go away for a bit, but they come back. I’m always here, steady, not going anywhere.

Just a reassuring presence really goes a long way. Just having something or someone steady and reliable can offer the best support.

Just a little “hovering” sometimes makes all the difference.

Sometimes that gentle support is all we need.

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