One Less Moment

“Life is too short to hold grudges.” I believe it was Gilbert Blythe (Anne of Green Gables- LM Montgomery) who said that.

Life is fleeting. 

I talk often about time, how it doesn’t really exist but is a tool to to help organize life. 

We’re not promised a set amount of time. 

I personally feel like most of my life is behind me. I often wonder just how much I have. Every passing moment is one less moment I have left. 

I try hard to live true to myself. I know I am not perfect. And I forgive more than most people think I should. 

I forgive because I hope I will be forgiven. 

I say things that can be blunt; I hope I don’t offend but I’m sure I do.

I rarely take offense to words; I examine them, comment, but understand that everything isn’t meant as it sounds. Yes, words can hurt, and often do, but I usually don’t blame the person who says them. It’s my reaction to the words that I have the problem with, not the person.

I say much that can be taken different ways. I do that on purpose. I want to cause you to consider other meanings. If you never stop to think about things, how can you improve yourself?

For nineteen years, I didn’t speak to my dad. I held a grudge for nineteen years and I wish I would have talked to him sooner. I’m thankful we were able to set things right before he died. I had two weeks of peace before he was snatched from us without warning. 

That is no small miracle. 

The Bible says to not let the sun go down on your anger, not those exact words, but the meaning I take from that is keep peace in your heart toward all people so that when you see your last sunset, you will leave this world in peace. 

I can honestly say that right now, I have peace towards everyone I know. 

Yes, Gilbert, you will go far with that attitude; life is too short and there is always so much in this world to tear us down. As long as we hold on to the grudge we keep ourselves from holding on to the good. 

Forgive so you will find forgiveness. 

And let us love one another as we hope we are siblings in CHRIST.

4 thoughts on “One Less Moment

  1. I love Heather’s quote equating holding a grudge to poisoning yourself because it really is. I too held a grudge against my father until I was almost 30. After I let that grudge go, I learned how much it was holding me back. I do my best now not to hold on to resentment. There are definitely people I do not like, trust, or associate with but I do honestly love them and pray for them. However, that was a lesson that took me over 20 years to learn. I hope future lessons don’t take as long because the only person hurting is me.

    OMG, you watch Anne of Green Gables! I didn’t finish the book as a child but I love the series made by PBS/Masterpiece and the Netflix version as well.


    1. Anne of Green Gables is my all time favorite book series. So much wisdom is found on those pages; every emotion is captured perfectly. LM Montgomery was a genius.

      We are our own worst enemies.


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