Sometimes the dancing flame shows us what we don’t want to see. There is just enough light to illuminate what is right in front of us: shifting shadows and false security.

Sitting in the candlelight 

Watching how it glows bright

How the wind blows right

And shifts the way it throws light

Showing how you can’t trust

Anything that comes from dust

It all is a form of lust

Using all and leaving rust. 

It gives you sight and gives warmth

Wraps you up in its arms

Flatters you with its charms

Promises to do no harm

It flickers just before it goes

It wavers with the light it throws 

You deny what it clearly shows 

Ashamed of what you already know 

You give your all; gladly fight

For everything you believe is right

Betrayed by those you gave your life 

All played out in candlelight

2 thoughts on “Candlelight

  1. I agree. It gives off a romantic or comforting allure that when illuminated fully, shows everything and you might not like that environment. Being fooled by that candlelight to me is harder because everything was in the guise of that seductive light.

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  2. I like the way you phrased this. We are seduced into believing what we ordinarily would not when we are blinded or entranced by the flickering flame. Oh, how it burns when the truth is illuminated!! I agree it is hard to overcome this type of deception for many reasons.


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