I Did It…

I did it. 

I said my mind and finally stood up for myself. 

I can breathe again. 

Did anything change?

I think so. 

I’ve noticed a shift. Little things. I’m not so tense. The air is not so thick and heavy. 

I can say what I want to say and I don’t worry about how it’s taken. 

If you haven’t figured me out by now, I can’t help you. Yeah, I can be harsh sometimes and blunt sometimes, but I’m always honest and always real. 

I’m not going to puff you up for ego’s sake. 

Let’s skip the pleasantries and get down to the root of the conversation. 

You want passion? I can get you fired up and motivated to accomplish anything you want. 

I’m not going to sacrifice who I am just to let you shine. I don’t need the fame and fortune, but I do need to know I can count on you to have my back. I need to know you’ll be in my corner like I am in yours. 

I need to know that when I tell you you’re a jerk, you know that I’m saying it because I love and care for you and I know you can be and you are better than that. I’m not saying it to hurt you, I’m saying it to help you grow. 

Tell me I’m a bitch if you want. I know I am. I know what people say about me. People talk all the time; it’s just hot air. 

I feel the best I’ve felt in a while. I feel free and I pray to GOD that HE is in it to bless it. 

GOD gave me the dream that sparked the conversation; HE gave me the words to free my mind. 

GOD continues to bless me daily and I do not deserve anything good. HE has blessed me so far beyond my imagination. I can only hope to be truly thankful.

There are no words to describe just how wonderful GOD is. HE is my Provider; HE provides everything.

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