I had someone tell me to remember “they are just words, they can’t hurt you.”

And I know that. 

And I related that to another friend as I was explaining my predicament. 

And after a few moments, she said, “yeah, it is just words, but have you met yourself? Words are your soul. Of course you feel words so strongly. Those words cut to your core.”

And just like that, I realized that she gets it. 

Words mean so much more to me than most. Yes, I realize some words are empty. I know that words require action, but when the actions ARE and then reinforced by words, that cuts deep. 

Words are my soul. 

Look at it this way: the BIBLE is the living Word of GOD. HE is the WORD and HIS WORD is life.

Not comparing me to HIM, just stating that if HIS WORD caused everything to exist, how can we claim that words have no power? How can they just be hot air when the air is the breath of life?

I mean GOD spoke and it happened. How much more evidence do you need to show the power of words?

Words have condemned people to death and exonerated others. 

Words have been used as binding contracts. 

Everything that has life has been affected by words. We are molded and shaped into who we are by the words we’ve heard about us and by the words we tell ourselves. 

Words give us direction and purpose. They give meaning. 

Words can hurt and they can heal. 

Let’s try to build each other up and stop tearing each other down.

2 thoughts on “Words

  1. I have no doubt words have power. Their strength depends on who is speaking them. A stranger might call ugly and if I have an insecurity about it then it may bother me a minute, but I go on. If someone I care about told me I look like crap, that might stick with me a while.


  2. We have to remind people and ourselves that if negative words have no effect on us, then we have to reason that positive words have no effect either. Therefore there’s no need to compliment others.


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