Manipulation techniques that leave the victim confused and feeling detached from reality. These victims don’t seek help because they do not realize what is happening, but often have the sense that something is “off”. This is abuse; difficult to catch and hard to overcome.

That’s not the way it happened 

You can’t get anything right

You might as well just give up

Don’t even put up a fight. 

You know you’re a bit crazy. 

Wound just a little too tight

It’s okay there sweetie 

Come on, don’t make a sight.

Let me take care of this

Don’t worry your pretty face

You don’t seem to understand 

This really isn’t your place

It doesn’t matter what you think 

Not the sense that you make

Regardless of what you do

It’ll be just what I say.

I don’t care if it hurts you 

I am a grown man 

I’ll do whatever I want 

Just because I can. 

Don’t be so immature 

Get over it Miss ma’am 

And I don’t like your new friends 

Are they as good to you as I am?

No one really likes you

You’re so moody all the time. 

Your family even hates you

They are all on my side. 

You know it’s true,

You know you can’t hide,

It’s funny you’re the lunatic

I played my cards just right.

3 thoughts on “Gaslight

  1. Wow. This is insane. This is a situation I wouldn’t wish on anyone. What sort of pleasure can someone get from treating another person like this?


    1. I think it has to do with ego…making someone feel small and dependent on them. Usually the person is a narcissist thus s/he does not care about the victim. It is manipulation, very real and damaging to anyone especially someone who already lacks self esteem.
      Also, this happens so gradually that it becomes normal, until the victim one day realizes what is happening. I think that is the hardest part and also the catalyst…it is the moment the victim can become empowered.

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