Peace that Passes Understanding

I can’t claim to know what the peace that passes all understanding is, but I feel like I may have come close.

At least I hope I have.

Recently I made a decision and some changes in my life.

For the first time in many years, I am at peace.

I hope I’m not deceived. I hope this peace is from the most HIGH GOD. I hope HE has given me the courage and the wisdom to make the decision.

Much of my writing is from a dark place. Admittedly, I stay in a negative mindset most of the time. As of late, that has changed.

I’m not praying to die; I am wanting to live.

This is a huge step for me.

I have acknowledged the fact that I have value and that I am more than enough.

More than one person has told me that I have impacted their life in a positive way. These people don’t know each other. They know me in different ways, from different places.

I have been humbled by this revelation. It has caused me to take stock of my situation and appreciate my blessings. And to value myself.

I want to live and be an example of how to rebuild after suffering so much damage.

We might be slightly broken, but we will still rise.

My the GOD of peace keep you safe in the hollow of HIS hand.

4 thoughts on “Peace that Passes Understanding

  1. Your writing alone has made a huge impact on me. Your insights are different and make me think. Your words have definitely talked me off the ledge. I’m so happy for the change in your life. What do I need to do to get where are?


    1. Thank you. I’ve watched many people make decisions as change for the better, but they either cannot see their good, or keep some of the negativity with them. We are all imperfect creatures; I, too, still have my vices. I spend a good portion of my time in prayer and introspection; I am seeking peace and happiness from within. I don’t need things external to make me feel better, although a kind word goes a long way, what helps me is the time I spend, I hope, in talking with my GOD. HE has shown me things of late in different ways, things that I cannot ignore. I am at peace; I am also waiting on HIS time to tell me what I need to do next.
      Have faith and believe that what you ask for and seek in HIS name will come to you. Keep your thoughts positive and stop negativity before it enters your life.


  2. I am getting better at stopping the negative from entering my life; however, my real issue is the past negatively, hurt, and guilt that keeps resurfacing. What advice do you have on that subject?


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