Righteously Judged

I hope I would be like David and would rather be subject to the wrath of GOD than to be victim of the judgment of men.

You know the punishment would be great, but so is the LORD’S mercy.

HE doesn’t just go from the exterior. Quite the contrary, HE examines the heart.

Wouldn’t that be something? To be able to see someone’s goodness inside and not just see the works they perform?

What a fearful thought!! I know at times I feel to be so wicked, but I hope in all things I do look to the LORD for direction.

Some people may look to be bad and are portrayed negatively, but what if that person is a Child of GOD and we discount them because of what we perceive?

On the flip side, there are some who have many fooled into believing their lies while they are setting a trap.

GOD sees both the inside and the outside; HE knows everything. HE knows whether my heart is in the right place in my decisions or if I am acting alone.

I hope with all my being that HE is guiding me and that HE will find my soul just in HIS sight.

Let me be judged by my GOD and not worry about what mortals think and say concerning my actions.

Let me suffer at HIS hand if it is HIS will. And let me have the Grace to bear what I must.

Let me be forgiving of others and not so quick to judge based on what I perceive.

Let me be humble and continuously begging for HIS mercy, grace and guidance.

8 thoughts on “Righteously Judged

  1. My mom and I were actually discussing this last week. How on the surface, David looked guilty. How Manassah seemed to convert only when he was in trouble. How Judas actions, on paper, looked remorseful after Jesus was Shreve to death. This is why we’re told to stop judging at Matthew 7:1, because we all are guilty of it. And how many would we have gotten wrong?


      1. Exactly. We cannot judge with a righteous judgment because we are not omnipotent in our view. We do not know if Judas acted out of remorse in taking his life, or if the devil possessed body and soul. Many of King David’s actions were shocking but we read that his heart was purely to the LORD. Solomon built temples and ornate buildings to ‘house the LORD’ on earth, but according to the Bible, his heart did not follow the GOD of his father. We are all flesh and we are all imperfect. However harsh we judge another, the same shall be counted against us. And that to me is such a fearful thought.
        My sins condemn me so, I do not want to also be found guilty of judging anyone else.


    1. From a Biblical standpoint, all sins, except blasphemy of Christ, are equal. And what that is, the unforgivable sin, is not plainly stated or clearly defined. We are all guilty of sin and of trespassing against HIM and HIS children, so from that viewpoint, you can’t judge. However, you do not uphold those actions.
      I could be called a hypocrite in this particular situation because I do not associate with those I know beyond a doubt have raped or molested but still I cannot with certainty say that they are destined for hell. That judgment is for GOD THE FATHER alone.
      The flesh is not good. Period. How do I know that I have not hurt someone emotionally or spiritually equivocal to that of the trauma of rape? I cannot know. When I think of all my sins that I am aware, I feel to be just as guilty.
      There are some who have no remorse, but who am I to judge who those are? I cannot know their heart no more than I know mine.
      This post is about that. I have been accused of not caring about my soul’s destiny and not caring for the Children of CHRIST because I do not show my concern for others the way ‘I should’ by another’s perspective. We don’t all show love in the same ways.
      Look at the Apostle Paul; he murdered countless followers of JESUS CHRIST thinking he was doing the will of GOD. He was changed; his soul cleansed and he became one of the most faithful and proudly honored CHRIST in all aspects of his life.
      GOD can change anyone. In that regard, I cannot and do not want to be guilty of judging. I hope I can have mercy and I hope for everyone mercy regardless of their sins. I do not wish hell on anyone.


  2. YOu couldn’t have put that any better than the above. I can love them as God says to love all and hate no one but I don’t have to like them or associate with them. COrrect?


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