Gaslight continued…

The flip side of Gaslighting is often showering with gifts and ‘love’. This behavior further confuses the victim. It is a horrible cycle; a living nightmare.

Honey, don’t make things up

You know how much you mean

To me and the kids

Things aren’t what they seem.

You are the best person

I treat you like a queen

I supply all of your wants

I give you everything.

I know I don’t say enough

Just how much I love you

But I get you all these gifts

So you know it must be true.

You mean the world to me

Deep down you know you do

I shouldn’t have to say it

My love for you shines through

Come here and let me hold you

I’ll protect you from all harm

You’re safe in my embrace

Wrapped up in my arms.

I love you so much, sweetie,

No, don’t be alarmed;

See me work my magic,

Watch her fall for my charm.

6 thoughts on “Gaslight continued…

    1. Yes. This is what torments the abused…’which is my imagination…?’ It is a horrible way of living constantly worrying which side will show up any given day. It is exhausting and paralyzingly to live in a permanent state of fear.


      1. That is important to know because often the victim doesn’t know who to trust. Many times their abuser is very charming and has many friends in diverse places. They have convinced others the abused is crazy and can’t be trusted…often isolated, the victim spends the time numb and hopeless. Reaching out for help is terrifying because it puts the victim in another vulnerable situation.


      2. I can certainly understand that. I have a friend who was in that situation. She was finally able to divorce the abuser and move on. It’s hard for a friend who doesn’t want to make things worse to know what to do.


      3. I am glad for your friend who could get out and move on…I know it cannot be easy. It is a very scary situation. The person is already raw from emotional and sometimes physical abuse…the ‘good side’ of this abuse is just as terrifying as the ‘bad side’.

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