Merriam-Webster defines anchor in several ways, both as a noun and a verb. As a noun, it is used to hold a ship in a place, or to hold something firmly. An anchor is a support. In some team sports, the anchor is the team member who competes last as in a relay race. Even malls have “anchor” stores that are usually larger stores that attract more customers to the smaller ones.

Anchors have purpose.

Anchors keep you steady and draw things into your life.

But to what are you anchored? And further, what is anchored to you?

Good anchors are your support system. They are the ones who tell it like it is and keep you moving forward. They don’t want you to fail, or fall, or sink. These anchors are protecting you and helping you.

Stay anchored in your faith. Read your Bible for inspiration and guidance. Have a plan or little moments that keep you grounded in your well-being. Personally, I love the clouds or clear skies. I love the sunrise and sunset. When I am about to go too far backwards, I am reminded of what matters when I look at the sky.

Remember that everything has an opposite. If you are anchored in a sea of negativity, you’re not going anywhere. An anchor that keeps you in a bad place needs to be cut. Sometimes you must leave people and situations behind to save yourself.

Anchors give support, but if your anchors are supporting your bad decisions, they are not good. Good anchors don’t always tell you what you want to hear, they tell you what you need to hear.

Negative anchors attach themselves like leaches and suck the happiness out of you. If you don’t remove them, you’ll be carrying around so much dead weight. You can scarcely keep your head above water as it is; all that extra baggage is unnecessary and needs to be discarded. Don’t let your anchors drag you down.

Pay attention to your feelings and emotions around certain people and things. You will discover where your good anchors are and you’ll learn which you need to cast aside.

Good anchors attract positivity and promote your well-being; bad anchors drag you down and prevent your personal growth.

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