Move Forward

I saw something the other day that said you can’t move forward if you are holding on to the past…wow.

Holding on to the past is like dropping anchor. You’re rooted in place. You might get buffeted by the waves but the only thing you are doing is stirring up the muck from the deep and muddying the water. 

You are stuck in the same storm, knocked by the same winds and tossed by the same waves. And of course the view isn’t going to change…how can it if you don’t move?

I’m not saying you can just snap your fingers and forget the past. I’m not saying it’s an easy thing to do. What I am saying is when you’re ready to move forward and get out of the storm, you’ll start to raise the anchor. You’ll quit letting the past drag you back down. 

Life goes quicker as we age. But time hasn’t sped up. What changed is our focus. When we are young, our reality is in the moment. As we age, our focus becomes either worry about the uncertain future, or discontentment with the past. 

It’s time to move forward with a clean slate and new mentality.

Hoist anchor and open the sails. 

Mixing metaphors here, but use your past as fertilizer and grow! All that mud and dirt thrown on you and all the shit you’ve survived is the best condition for you to blossom and thrive.

With everything you’ve been through, I hope you know you are so much more than “just enough”.

One thought on “Move Forward

  1. True words. One thing I’ve always believed: if you keep trying to go forward while continuing to stare back, you always end up crashing. Nice metaphors!

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