Fear & Faith

During this time of uncertainty, it is easy to let our fear rule our decisions. We fear losing our jobs, running out of food, getting sick, and boredom. Valid fears. I’ll admit that every cough makes me nervous. 

I am worried I will run out of food to feed my family and since my hours have been cut at work, how will I pay my bills? Sure I can use my PTO to supplement my income, but I don’t have much and it will run out soon. I am still so blessed and thankful to still be able to work when so many have been let go. My work schedule has been drastically changed to where I no longer recognize the hours, much less what day it is. I lose track of time with nothing to keep me in a routine.

I worry for my children and their safety. I’m concerned about how this isolation will affect their school and what they will learn from this situation. I hope they appreciate more and learn not to take the mundane for granted. Also, I hope they take this threat seriously and not just see the inconvenience… missing friends, missing work, and having nothing to entertain themselves. I hope they see their parents are steady and not panicking about what could happen.

I am not immersed in this thing. My family keeps me updated and tells me of developments as they happen. Perhaps I am naive in my choosing to not be obsessed. I have been told numerous times to get groceries as “today might be the last chance for a while…” Honestly, that statement is true for every day regardless of what happens around us. GOD never promises us tomorrow. 

Go back and see what I listed as my fears, and, too, think of yours. Fleshy comforts may top the list. Psalm 111: 10 states “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom:…” Perhaps if we put our fear of HIS wrath at the top of the list, we would better understand what and why. All throughout the Bible it speaks of not worrying about tomorrow, not worrying about facing the valley because the LORD provides all that is needed. Have fear that you are not HIS; act as though you need HIS favor and have faith that you will receive HIS blessing.

Don’t take for granted that you are a child of grace. Read Matthew 7. Verse 23 plainly states “I never knew you; depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” as HIS response to some who claim to love HIM and perform HIS works. 

That fear, the fear that I may not be HIS, is the only fear I should have. Nothing else matters. If I am HIS, nothing can harm me; if not, nothing can save me.

I am far from perfect. I know nothing and understand even less. But, I hope my faith in GOD is just. I have faith that HE knows what is best.

I choose not to be consumed with everything in this world. I have learned about myself, that the more information I have, the more panic I feel. There is so much information and honestly GOD is the only ONE who knows the truth. Satan is the author of confusion. He revels in the panic; he enjoys magnifying the uncertainty.

Let us, if we can be so blessed, have faith that the LORD knows all things, and is in control of all things. Be prepared, but know that regardless of how much you get, it can all be taken away in an instant. The same GOD who parted the Red Sea for the children of Israel, also used that same Red Sea to swallow the whole of Pharaoh’s army. 

Let your fear be of GOD’s wrath and your faith be in HIS mercy. 

3 thoughts on “Fear & Faith

  1. So when all this craziness first started I want well informed and I felt fearful of everything so for me it’s the opposite because the more connected I get the more I feel my faith rise. I am stressing less than I did in the beginning. I hear myself say his will be done and I’m actually believing it. However, this crisis reminds me that Revelations is real and I worry my strength will fail if I see my children suffering. I know personally I starve or endure the pain of not taking the mark but I fear I will be weak if I see my children suffer because I dont want them to think I dont love them. So I’ve started to talk to them about what choosing God over all even it we have to starve or thirst and I wonder am I really doing that for God or for me.


    1. I do not read Revelation as you do; I also do not believe in time or the Bible as a chronologically written Word. It is the Living Word of GOD and as such it is, was and will be without time constraints.

      To me, much of Revelation occurred before Genesis as Revelation tells of war in Heaven where Michael defeats Satan and he, together with his angels, are cast into the lake of fire. 

      To me, the woman in travail, cast unto the Earth, is the Church of the First Born who’s Son is Christ who was ripped from this world and ascended into Heaven. She (as the Church/soul unified with Christ) is encompassed in the Earth (as flesh) and the flesh absorbs the firey darts of Satan.

      Much of Revelation speaks of repentance- those who repent shall be forgiven. 

      Also, concerning the mark, Revelation speaks of GOD’S Children having a mark on their forehead as well. It is not solely for the followers of the devil. I do not believe that the mark is something we choose, but rather something out in us before the beginning of the world. 

      GOD and HIS children are one and the same. If you are HIS, you can never not be HIS. HE is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The flesh of us is not of HIM and as flesh, we change constantly. The soul never changes. 

      Since I do not read and understand Revelation as you, I cannot help with your fears of the end of times. 1 Peter 5:7 Perhaps if you can be blessed, give your fears to GOD and HE will take them from you. 


  2. I see your POV ant it makes me want to start reading Revelations again. With everything going on today, I feel more drawn to it so thanks for your insight.


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