Mercy and Forgiveness

I keep harping on mercy and forgiveness; I am struggling with these myself. Day after day, I face let down of people not meeting my expectations. Perhaps I set the bar too high.

LORD, help me to not be as Jonah, not understanding why we all can see YOUR mercy regardless of what wrongs we are guilty. He wanted compassion for himself but could not see how Ninevah could be forgiven. Time after time, he was shown mercy and when it was taken away, he was vexed and angry at his situation. Still, he did not understand how repentance, mercy and forgiveness work.

I make so many mistakes daily; I need mercy but I do not deserve it. I repent, but repeat my sins. Some days the magnitude of what JESUS suffered just for one minute of my life is enough to cause me to wish I wasn’t here. In those moments, I need a helping hand. 

I’m thankful for the friends who know just when and what to say to help me back on the right path. Providence.

5 thoughts on “Mercy and Forgiveness

    1. No, HE says to forgive seven times a day in Luke 17:3-4. You forgive and forget because to truly forgive, you cannot still carry it with you. When you stand before HIM in judgment, you will want HIS forgiveness, not HIS remembrance of your sins. Sodom and Gomorrah did not repent; they were not forgiven and their transgressions were remembered. Ninevah repented and was forgiven. But, the key is to repent. If you forgive someone who doesn’t ask for it, you forget the hurt. In doing that, you heal. If you hold on to the wrong, you haven’t really forgave anything.

      I have much bitterness in me towards some people…one person I thought I would never forgive, but the time came when I did and now all I feel is that I hope he was shown mercy. I feel no ill will towards him; I have so much love for him.

      According to HIS teaching, forgiveness means forgetting. We are human, full of flaws, and without the LORD’S help, we cannot forgive and forget.


  1. Thanks for replying. It was not the answer I wanted but it was the answer I knew was right. Its do hard to do. So very hard to do, especially when someone close to you has hurt you or done something you know isn’t right.


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