Sometimes we only want good…

Who am I kidding? We only want good for us. We don’t want anything bad.

For me on my own part, when I examine myself, I only see bad. How, then, do I justify only wanting good?

This is me and about me–how I view myself. When I look at myself the way I imagine a perfect GOD examining me, all I see is a vile and filthy person. Literally, there is nothing good in or about me. 

How can I expect only good to come to me? What right do I have to become upset when things don’t go my way or I face a setback? 

Sometimes I think those setbacks are not meant to knock us down, but perhaps to knock us to our knees. 

I think instead of being upset, maybe we should be thankful, if we can be blessed to see the blessing in relying on a great and all wise GOD. And that is the goal– to depend on HIM for everything and realize that without HIM we are as filthy worms. HE is a jealous GOD and beside HIM there is none other. We are not on HIS level. 

GOD only is good; HE is the only good in this world. And anything good must come from HIM. When we start expecting good from others, we set ourselves up for let down.  We are all imperfect in HIS sight.

Try to beg for mercy for all of us. Only GOD knows why; GOD only knows. We are so quick to judge and condemn; let’s work on forgiving and moving forward. And forgiveness must start with self. We have to forgive ourselves for our imperfections and then we can forgive those of others. None of us are good; we are all just trying to get by the best way we know how. We each miss the mark often, daily. If we hold on to the hurt, we will never move forward. If we hold on to the hurt, we will never heal, but that hurt will continue to grow and fester and keep us from becoming all we are destined to become. 

Sometimes we only want good…we only expect good; but we are all human and if we expect allowance to be made for our missteps, then we must also grant pardon for the mistakes of others.

Please forgive me for my many offenses. I fall short on everything I attempt. I am always #neverenough

5 thoughts on “Sometimes we only want good…

  1. I do want good and I am constantly trying to see the bright side but at the same time in the shadows I expect things that specifically involve me will not turn out well. That’s because it usually turns out bad at one point or another. This had made me to recently give up on expecting good to happen if it something that is centered around me. I dont see that as pessimistic just realistically thinking. Your post suggest flaw in my thinking.


    1. What I was saying, or trying to say, is that we get upset when people do things to us that don’t meet our expectations or they just plain let us down. But if we stop and think about it, how many times do we let someone else down? Many times it’s not on purpose or not out of malice, it just happens. And we feel terrible if we are made aware of it.
      I just think that if we stop focusing on “I” so much, we might be blessed to see more good… Not all bad things that happen to us result in negative…it’s not just a cliché, you really do have to have rain to see the rainbow. There are blessings in the let down. We can’t always see them, but believe me, they are there.


  2. Okay, I’m going to agree with you on how we do focus on “I” and the fact that we fall short to others and we don’t see it. I’m am guilty of both, but there are certain situations where I just can’t see the good that has some from it that couldn’t have happened in another or better we way.


    1. I hate to be the one to tell you, but your life isn’t yours. If you’re a Child of GOD, and even if you’re not, your life is to serve HIS purpose. HE said HE wouldn’t have you go through anything HE wouldn’t, and you know what all is written HE endured.
      Sometimes what we go through is to help another. We might never see the good, but GOD uses everything for HIS plan. Your suffering, everything about it, may just be an example that speaks to someone else. Your suffering may be the voice GOD uses to call one of HIS children.
      You’re thinking “I” again. This isn’t about “I”, this whole life thing is giving GOD all the glory, honor and praise. There’s no room for “I”.
      Again, we’re flesh; it’s not something we are easily able to comprehend. Don’t focus on the pains. HE says HE will bless those who suffer for HIS sake…you don’t want your blessings to be here and your suffering to be later.


    2. The flesh of me agrees with you…it seems like there should be a way that the lesson could be learned without the sacrifice. But, I think that’s something we have to accept by faith. I’d say I wish I could change things I’ve been through, but honestly, I don’t know where I’d be now if any one little thing had been different. Any change would have caused a ripple effect…
      Have a little faith. Everything is going to work out for the best.


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