Sometimes I jump the gun…Do you? Do you ever want something so much that you rush it? It’s like it has to be this way now or never, and never isn’t an option. Maybe you even ask GOD for help and guidance…but that whole “wait upon the LORD” thing tries your patience.

And you act on your wish on your own. 

And then you are left with the results. 

On your own. 

Regretting every decision you’ve ever made, the good and bad…

Maybe it’s just me. I hate to admit that I sometimes do things, I’m afraid, on my own, and definitely hate the consequences. I regret acting on my own and not waiting just a little longer to better prepare. 

On the flip side, I have waited a little too long for other things. When GOD told me to move and because I am weak, I was afraid to do anything, I regret that too. But GOD says if HE seems to tarry, to wait because HE will come and will not tarry. Paraphrasing, but that’s the gist. 

How do we know when HIS time comes? I can’t answer that; I miss it so much myself. And it seems to be easier when we are outside looking in on someone else’s decisions…then we seem to have all the answers. 

All I know for sure is when GOD moves, no man can hinder and when GOD hinders, no man can move. In other words, when HIS time comes, HIS plan comes together and not a second before HE is ready and nothing we do can stop GOD’s plan. 

How awesome is that? No matter what we do, GOD’S will is done. We cannot mess up HIS plans. 

4 thoughts on “Plans

    1. If only we could be blessed to always see it that way. Despite our feeble attempts, I’m afraid on my own part, I don’t always see the perfection in HIS timing. I daily continue to miss the mark.


    2. I’m naturally a planner/doer and am very bad about simply handling things by myself as opposed to praying about it and working in harmony with my prayers. There are things I know that would have turned out better had I waited on God’s direction first.


  1. I guess it comes from developing a relationship with the Lord. I can look back and say, “Oh, I see what you did there.” I’m still working on it. My MK national has shared times when she has felt compelled by the Lord to do something, not understanding why at the moment. But she obeys and later sees the fruits of her labors. Not that she doesn’t continue to work on it. Hope that makes sense.


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