Everyone loses someone we love. Not everyone copes in the same way. There are some who let it all out at once. Others push it aside, keeping it out of sight, out of mind. Some hold on to their grief as long as they can. And others let it out along and along.

There’s no right way to grieve. There’s no wrong way to grieve. But we do have to live, not just exist, when we lose someone.

Anniversaries can be hard. And sometimes when you least expect it, you can get sucker punched and have the wind knocked out of you and there not be a reason for it.

It’s okay to feel and experience your emotions and deal with them naturally. Years can go by and you can feel the sadness as if it were yesterday.

Every loved one lost feels like we lost them prematurely. I wasn’t done yet. There was so much left unsaid. Maybe some regrets…

But we can learn from what we didn’t say or do with those who’ve gone already and make things right with those still here.

Live and love today as if there is no tomorrow…

02.27.2008 Tu me manques

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