Ounce of Encouragement

I am not now, nor have I ever claimed to be, nor will I ever be in this life, perfect. I walk, or try to walk, with confidence I definitely do not feel.

We all struggle through life the best we can. We all have our demons, our addictions, our vices. We all fail. It is how we respond to failure that defines us. 

First there was darkness. We were born into darkness, helpless, completely dependent on others. Through perseverance and courage, we evolve into who we are today. 

Yeah, it may seem easier to quit, and go back to the ignorance, the darkness, but once we taste the sweetness of freedom and see the glory of the light, it is hard to go back to helplessness. 

We will continue to fall and fail, but looking back at all the darkness I’ve survived, gives me the ounce of confidence I need to know that this too shall pass.

We are perfectly imperfect, doing the best we can to live life to the fullest extent. 

Struggle on, my friends; we shall overcome the darkness and fill it with our GOD given light. 

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