You only live once? Interesting thought. If it is true, then why do we spend our time focusing on all the negatives? Every day we go through trials and setbacks. Every day we have things that happen that bring us down. We go to work or school and go through the same things every single day.

We can go through life thinking about all the trouble we have and ‘poor, poor me, look at all the shit I’ve been through. Look at how my life is falling apart all around me.’

Or, I can look around and see a new day dawning. I can see potential for turning around my life; getting up; getting a shower; washing all my negativity down the drain; cleaning myself up so I can get myself out of the gutter. Change my perspective and my attitude. I might be a product of my childhood, but I refuse to be a prisoner of it any more. 

The choice is mine: I can either sit here and die a million times refusing to live, or I can live my life, struggle to victory, and die once peacefully. Bobby Darin was right when he said, “You only die once; you live every day.” Some of us haven’t begun to live, we continue to die every day. 

No more. I choose to live. 

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