Sometimes you have to distance yourself from people. Sometimes you need alone time; quiet time so you can think. Sometimes the people you surround yourself with are bringing you down and not building you up as you thought they were. I’ve heard different ones say that if you’re the best in the room, go to a new room.  Surround yourself with people better so you can learn from them. Be an example to those you leave behind, but don’t for a second think you can take them with you. They will just bring you down. You’re not going that way; you are on your way up! Look back to see how far you’ve come, if you need to remind yourself of why you are moving up, but just for a second, look back. But don’t look back and long for those days when you did nothing, when nothing you did really mattered or helped to make you a better person. Remember Lot’s wife; she looked back and was changed into a pillar of salt immediately. Don’t want to go back to the myre.  You are so much better than that, so keep moving up! 

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