Don’t let others tell you how to think or feel. You know what is right for you. You cannot live your life worrying about how everyone else feels or what this one or that one thinks you should do or be. You are held accountable for you, no one else can live your life. No one else knows your thoughts. I don’t care how well people know you, there is no one other than GOD who knows what is best for you.

Don’t be bullied into doing things you don’t want to do. If it makes you that uncomfortable and steals your joy, it is not for you.

Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone to better ourselves. And that is a good thing. But doing something that can harm us or sets us back, brings us down, is not good.

Have the mentality that if it’s not meant for me, I don’t want it. In all things that you ask of the LORD, ask that HIS will be done above your will. HE knows you better than you know yourself and HE will guide you to what is meant for you.

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