For what are you thankful?

I mean really examine your self and your life and think of your blessings. You might have to look hard at first. That’s okay. We have evolved into beings who always look for the negative…it’s easier to concentrate on what goes wrong instead of seeing everything that is going right. 

This was for our survival; so we could adapt to changes in our environment and prepare ourselves for potential problems. That is beneficial if we use that defense mechanism appropriately. It is when we dwell on all the negatives and possible harms we may encounter that causes a problem. Life is beautiful and full of promise for our enjoyment and our fulfillment, not for our detriment. 

Something I am thankful for is to see the sunrise. It puts my life in perspective. It shows me there is someone powerful enough to create the universe, insightful enough to create all the little creatures we take for granted that are necessary for life to continue, loving enough to paint beautiful pictures in the sky, and who thought enough of me to breathe life in me that I might fulfill my destiny. HE doesn’t need me; HE is all powerful without me, but HE allows me to live still to show HIS love in me. 

It is a blessing to be able to wake each day and see small miracles. 

Each day is truly a gift. There are so many people who did not wake up this morning. And, in truth, I can get to the place where I wonder why I did wake up…I have for so long been in the place where I did not want to leave my sleep. From the outside looking in, you wouldn’t know that my perspective was such that I had no desire to see tomorrow or what was in store. It hurts to admit that I am inclined to get that low. 

I’m not talking about years ago. This is weeks ago, days even. This right now, is me, in recovery. I’m recovering from mental abuse, both external and internal. This is me healing wounds both old and new, self inflicted and otherwise. This is me rising. This time, I set the bar and I won’t stop until I reach it and then I’ll push further.

I’m now thankful for my mornings. For the sunrise and the sunsets.

I’m thankful for the lady who told me three little words. Those words changed my life. Forever. Permanently etched in my psyche. I am so thankful that GOD gave her the presence of mind to say that to me in a way that would knock me down and make me see for the first time. 

There is so much for which I am grateful. Every day, I look at my goals and assess my progress; and when I do that, I look at my blessings and remember why I have those goals. Motivation to do better will only last so long until you get to the place where you don’t see results and your faith starts to waver. Keep reinforcing your drive and do not lose faith. The blessings you have now are only the tip of the iceberg. Far greater is in store if you keep your faith and keep your focus. 

Count your blessings and watch them increase. 

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