Everything that has life moves.

Even with solid objects, it is the vibration of the molecules that give shape. Movement is imperceptible by us, but we know that we can add heat, add friction, and the molecules move faster, vibrate at a higher frequency. The solid becomes pliable, the liquid a gas. 

The atoms in your body, the cells, are in constant motion. The heart and lungs work in tandem with other muscles and organs to keep you functioning. Nothing stops.

The tides, the seasons, the minutes and hours, the years, every bit of it moves at a certain frequency. Everything has a pulse, a steady rhythm and if the beat ceases, life stops and decay starts. 

Everything has a preappointed time and purpose. Every opportunity comes at a specific time for you to use your gifts for honoring GOD. If you hesitate, if you pause and disrupt the rhythm, you risk the chance of not fulfilling your destiny, of not reaching your potential. 

Caution is good to a degree, but nothing great is achieved without risk. When an opportunity to improve your circumstances, to push you closer to your goals arises, take that risk. Weigh your options and take a chance; believe in yourself. You have a purpose. GOD makes no mistakes and everything HE does is for a reason. 

Seize your opportunity. Give the credit to GOD and repay HIM by growing and multiplying what HE’S blessed you to have. When you pause, you bring about a change in momentum. When you are on the path to your destiny, the pause might make you miss out on some amazing opportunities. 

2 thoughts on “Vibration

  1. I think I get caught up in how slow things move. I am learning God has a plan for me and that he will take care of me…just look at where I am now, but I want it to move more quickly but I am learning that the journey is just as important as the end result.


    1. The journey prepares us for the blessings GOD has in store for us. A blessing too soon bestowed can be a curse. If we are not made ready, we will not receive the fullness of the blessing.


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