Prayer Changes Things.

A great friend of mine told me this, and I have it on my desk at work. It’s a reminder that my current situation is not my permanent residence. I’m just passing through and with prayer, my path can be made easier.


Prayer alone will not change my circumstances. I have to have faith that my prayer will be answered. It may not be in the way I desire, but an answer will come.

I have to believe that the answer I receive is right for me; that it is the best because, after all, GOD knows all things and HE knows where I need to be at every step of my journey.

I have to trust GOD and HIS direction for my life. I know that HE has a purpose for me and it is difficult to relinquish control of anything, but for me to truly meet my potential, I have to let go of that and trust that’s GOD’S plan is perfect and HIS timing is necessary for me.

And now, I have to have faith in myself, that I can do and become. GOD has given me what I need to succeed. I need to tap into my gifts and have faith and believe and trust that if I obey HIS direction, HE will hold me up in my path to my destiny. I can’t just pray for changes without making the effort required of me. GOD needs no help from anyone. HE wants for nothing. HE doesn’t want me to do anything. I put HIM first; HE leads me into uncomfortable places to test my faith and belief. How much do I want success? What am I willing to lose and how far am I willing to go?

If I can’t trust that the same GOD who created the universe and everything in it, and who feeds the birds and cares for the lowly worms, who provides for the lilies as well as the live oak tree, if I can’t trust that HE is also there for me, how can I ask for HIS help and expect it to come? If I can’t take a leap of faith in GOD, not of my own power, but in HIS ability to work in me, what is the point of even trying? Why beg for change if I don’t put my faith and trust behind my request?

Prayer Changes Things. It has changed my perspective and opened my eyes to see my potential. This life and everything in it has come to pass; I want to live life to the fullest. I want my life to represent my faith, my belief, and my trust in the Lord.

4 thoughts on “PCT

  1. Prayer Changes Things…What a powerful set of words but sometimes it is so hard to hold on and believe in those words. On days like today, it’s hard to see how my prayers are bringing about any change. Is it because I am praying the wrong way? Or for the wrong thing? Or is it because things aren’t going how I want them to go? I don’t know. Some days it’s just hard to say PCT…some days all I have is a mustard seed.


    1. I don’t know your personal situation, but for me, I think I can’t see my changes because I too close to them.
      We can’t see what we’re right on top of…we have to step back to see the big picture.
      It’s easy for me to tell you to have faith and keep praying and believing…I have to tell myself that daily. It’s easier to quit.
      But if I quit, if I stop trying to pray and have faith, then everything I’ve done so far is for naught. My life is a waste.
      And I refuse to believe that.
      I know you are an inspiration to many people. I know you have too much on your plate right now and I know life is a struggle. But Christ said to place your yoke on HIM and HE will give you rest.
      If you’re like me, you have to be in control; but the funny thing is, nothing is in your control. GOD has it all in HIS hands.
      When you can truly believe that, I think you will see the change.
      I don’t know if I’ve posted that for years I prayed to be removed, and one day, that prayer was removed. My outlook changed, and I realized that I wasn’t the problem…
      PCT…it might not be what you had in mind though.


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