It takes courage to step outside your comfort zone, to do something you need to do for you. Don’t expect encouragement from others; expect the opposite. Your haters will say things to your face and spread rumors behind your back. They will hope you fail because that would validate the lies they believe. 

And you will fail. Often. You will fail big. But, you will also rise. And in the rising, that is your greatness. Failure keeps you humble. It also builds character. You can’t go through life having everything handed to you. You have to work so you can appreciate your triumphs. 

Work hard. It will take time, there will be sacrifices. You will lose so called friends along the way. But, you only have one life; one chance to live the best life possible. This is your life, not someone else’s. You are held accountable for how you spend your life. The Bible says to work as if you are working for the LORD. Everything you do is a reflection of HIM in you. You will succeed if you pursue the path GOD has laid out for you because HE has foreordained your purpose and HE has already witnessed your future. HE won’t give it to you lest you squander away everything. If you work hard, you will reap the reward and you will hold on to the sweetness of your success. 

It takes courage to step out and write my feelings, thoughts and ideas. So many times I begin and put my heart into the words; I bleed on the page, only to backspace through it all…

Think of all the lyrics, all the inspiration we would lose if the writer hit ‘backspace’ instead of ‘send’. How terrible that would be if the device you hold in your hand would have never been developed because the designer hit ‘backspace’. If everyone gave up on their ideas just because of a setback, all the wonderful tools and gadgets and everything we have would have died with the dreamer. 

The tragedy is when the gift is not manifested because the bearer did not believe in the gift giver. Share your gifts and live a full life. Your dreams come to you for you to make them real. Be courageous and run straight for your destiny. The world needs the greatness you have to offer. 

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