I hate wasting time.

Now, I can sit quietly with a blank expression on my face, but I promise you I am hard at work. I am constantly planning and writing and dreaming. I can spend hours lost in my thoughts and never feel cheated. But what I hate is when I need to physically do things and I can’t because of the never ending “hurry up and wait.” Everything under the sun takes time and has its appointed time and purpose. Nothing can be done to hurry up the process, for if we could rush things, we would be just as impatient, probably more so, and ungrateful for what we do have.

I should resign myself to the waiting game and be thankful for the little pauses in the rush of life.

Life is fleeting and perhaps in those “wasted” moments, I can reflect, and plan, and dream. I can be thankful for those little pauses, those gifts from Providence, reminding me of just how short life truly is.

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