I am never going to be enough…I can’t be compared to anyone else because once you do that, once you compare me, you are taking away from who I am. I am not like anyone else you’ll know. I will never judge you or compare you to anyone else. Believe me, I can cut you down, but I don’t want to. I will be your biggest supporter while you are my toughest critic. I will consistently build you up, as you are breaking me, because that’s who I am. I would gladly do anything for you yet you can’t say one kind thing about me or to me. One day though, I will have had enough…I won’t say a word; you won’t know I’m gone until you need me…you will beg and plead, but I won’t hear you. You will never know me, the real me, the me you refuse to see now. No, I’m not enough for you; because I can’t fix what you hate about yourself. I can’t fill the gaps in your soul. But I am enough. I am so much more than enough; I am whole with or without you. And that is why you do your best to cut me down.

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