Sometimes it seems like the harder we try, the more we give, the further back we are knocked. We push ourselves and to what end? It seems like we are running full speed in quicksand attached to a bungee cord and at any time we are going to be jerked back, and not just to where we started, but back so far we can’t even see the starting line again. It’s frustrating giving everything day in and day out, doing our time and pouring our blood, sweat and tears into everything for naught. Will we every break even, forget getting ahead…I know deep down that every setback makes the comeback that much sweeter, but damn these setbacks are hard. Just when I see a glimmer of light, the flame flickers…GOD, help me to keep going; help me to see the blessings when I don’t want to see them. Give me strength, LORD, I can’t deal with these jerks alone.

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