It amazes me how fast life creeps by and yet, with all the changes and all the life events, we are still in the same place we were a year ago. I am afraid I am about to go off the deep end here, but…I read something earlier that said “happiness is a choice” and the comment/reply was “then why am I so sad?” and the funny thing is that on the whole, I do think that happiness is a choice, but I also think that “we” are not “happy” because we “like” to be comfortable. We have grown used to staying in the dark places, or retreating to dark places because what have you always done? When you’re scared, or mad, or lonely, or depressed, or guilty, or anything, you curl up either literally or figuratively, and go to another place where you are master of your universe, your happy place where no one can intrude: your thoughts…No one can tell you what to think. No one can tell you how to see or what to see. And you can float on the air or swim the depths, and no one can stop you. Happiness is a choice. You can be happy with what you have, or you can spend your life regretting what you don’t. But the thing is, you can’t get it back; there’s no use in looking at what might have been because there is no way of knowing or changing the past. What’s done is done, for better or worse, you have to move on. If you really think about it, the past doesn’t exist. The future doesn’t exist. All you have is the NOW. You don’t want to spend it thinking about what opportunities you missed and you needn’t waste time worrying about what could happen because you  cannot know what the future holds. You are not guaranteed the next breath, how can you possibly reason worrying about something that doesn’t exist? All you have is right now, this very minute. Focus on what’s important, what’s happening around you, who you’re with right now. Be present today. Live. This is your one life; start living it and stop overthinking and overanalyzing every detail. When you get in the present moment, you will find your happiness. You won’t need the darkness; you won’t need to curl up and escape the world. You will be free and finally at peace. 

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